My beloved son, in whom I am well pleased

I was praying the glorious mysteries of the Rosary this morning, and an insight came to me: my son, age 5, before the age of reason, provided me with a reflection of the Most Holy Trinity. We use many analogies to approximate the Trinity, but in one common understanding, the love shared between the Father and the Son gives rise to the Third Person of the Holy Trinity - the Holy Spirit.

After I was kicked out of the house, through my most grievous fault, I still had the privilege of visiting sometimes to read to my boy before his bedtime. He was all that remained of the family I so loved. After the reading, when it was time to tuck John in, I became lonely and downcast at the prospect of leaving him. Unprompted, he read this on me and leaned up from bed. “Don’t be sad, Daddy. Take this.” (A peck on the cheek.) “Then God will be with you. And you don’t have to be lonely.” Couldn’t be more perfect. We had a father and a son, and love proceeding from the father and the son. I wonder if he imparted to me the Holy Spirit. I left with peace.